Smoking Tricks for Hookahs, Cigarettes, and Cigars.

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The Bubble:
This is really cool hookah trick that is easy to do. You will need a funnel and a bowl of solution that will create solid bubbles. Place the funnel into your solution and let it sit at the top for about 10 seconds. Take a deep hit of your hookah making sure to keep all of the smoke in your mouth. After this, pick up the funnel and blow the smoke into it. As you start blowing the smoke into the funnel you will notice your bubble beginning to form. The amount of smoke you blow into the bubble will control how big it gets. When you are satisfied with the size of your bubble, slightly flick the funnel upwards to release the bubble into the air!

Hint: If you are having a hard time creating a bubble, you may not have a good solution mix, or you may be blowing too hard. With a little bit of practice you should be able to perfect this trick!

French Inhale:
A more advanced trick to master is The French Inhale. In this trick you will want to let the smoke naturally flow out of your mouth while inhaling it in through your nose. This should generate a kind of upside down waterfall image. The key to this trick is making sure the rate in which you are pushing the smoke out of your mouth is equal to the rate in which you are inhaling through your nose. Also when releasing the smoke, let the bottom half of your mouth hang as low as possible in order to better aim the smoke into your nose. When attempting this trick do not push the smoke out of your mouth too quickly or else it will kill the whole effect. The thicker the smoke the better!

The Cloud:
To make a cloud you will need to fill your mouth with a good amount of smoke. Once you have done this, simply let the smoke out by opening your mouth as wide as you can and then closing it as you tilt your head back. The key to this trick is timing. You want to make sure you are releasing the smoke out at the same time you are tilting your head back. If done correctly you will have a very small distinct cloud floating in the air.

The Cloud Smoke Trick

Ghost Face:
There isn’t much skill needed for this trick, however in order to pull it off you will need to take a very deep hit of your hookah. After you inhale, release the smoke by opening your mouth really wide and push it out in a controlled manner. If done correctly the smoke will cover your entire face creating a ghostface effect.

Twisted Tornado:
I have only seen one person who can pull this off and the image is below. If you figure it out – feel free to share.

Twisted Tornado

Smoke Rings:
Blowing smoke rings is a classic hookah trick to learn. Start by breathing in the hookah as you normally would, however you do not want to inhale the smoke. Instead you will hold the smoke just near the top of your throat. Next you need to point your tongue down and form a large O shape with your lips. Once you have the form down you will want to start pushing out the smoke in small puffs. If done correctly, you will have a nice trail of rings floating in the air. The key to this trick is making sure your tongue is pointed down as you blow the smoke out.

This trick takes a lot of practice. The hardest part is actually pushing out the smoke after you have made the O shape with your lips. You’ll be sure to impress your friends with this one! Here is a great tutorial on how to blow them.

Smoke Rings

Smoke Fingers:
Make your fingers smoke using a match box and friction.

The Burp:
This is a great trick for trying to get a laugh out of someone. All you need to do is inhale a good amount of smoke, swallow it, and then burp it right back up. Don’t wait too long to burp or else you might end up coughing and then the laugh will literally be on you!

Hint: Inhale, Burp, and then laugh!

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14 Responses to “Smoking Tricks for Hookahs, Cigarettes, and Cigars.”

  1. bobalu says:

    The greatest form of the french inhale is to let it escape from the corners of your mouth and then inhale through the nostrils, like a handlebar mustache, but it is very difficult

  2. david says:

    the french inhale isnt hard bobalu. i think its even easier that smoke rings. that tornado looks cool though. i think im going to try and learn that one next XD

  3. WefWeeriGep says:

    friend has given the link has not regretted that has come

  4. dfsd says:

    It aint complicated, unless you are …

  5. jess says:

    The bubble one is fun. One time a friend and I downed a bottle of wine and laughed idiotically for an hour doing the bubble trick. I don’t know why I was so intrigued by the smoke when the bubbles broke but that’s booze for ya.

  6. Chris says:

    I figured out the twisted tornado. All you do is inhale a good amount of smoke. Then slowly let it out while twisting your head and while doing that you move your jaw up and down. Slightly fast. It takes practice to figure out the speed for everything. Good luck.

  7. Sean says:

    I know a few tricks that arent one there. The first one is you take a plate and gently blow the smoke on it the smoke will sit there for a second and you can suck it all back in. Another is take a glass cup put it in the freezer for about 5 min blow the smoke in it gently and the smoke will stay in the cup then you drink the smoke. This trick is very easy what you do is hold your finger up like your telling someone to be quiet and blow the smoke out and that will make one o go left and the other o go right. For these next 2 tricks you need very thick smoke. The first one is blow a thick o then snap above it and that will make the o turn into a heart. This next trick is very very hard i can rarely do it. You blow an o then spread your fingers apart and bend them a little then you grab the o like that and it will turn the o into a star. Also the plate trick works with a table too. And you can do triple o’s one in the middle one left and one right what you do is hold up 2 fingers up to you mouth spread the 2 fingers apart but only very little. Enjoy these tricks are very easy to pick up on (besides the star trick)

  8. Sean says:

    Forgot to say when you are drinking the smoke suck in a little so you get more smoke back if you dont suck in you will still get alittle bit of smoke

  9. daniel says:

    to do the twisted tornadoe thing, i just did it, get smoke in ur mouth then let it come out and exhale out your nose to get it to spin, its pretty cool

  10. Chris says:

    The twisted tornado is easy. Just move your head sideways as your slowly releasing smoke out of your mouth as your doing a eating motion with your jaw. If you do it this way it looks more like a sideways cyclone next time I smoke I’ll try to snap a pic for you guys

  11. Ji Golian says:

    awesome thank you writing associated with

  12. that guy that helped says:

    Mini smoke clouds:
    its kinda easy and cool. when you take a drag of your cigarette let the smoke relaxe in your mouth then slowly make a toung loop then gently blow and suck with barely any air intake and outtake and then you have a family of mini cloud balls flying around. i made this trick up my self when i was trying all of the other tricks. this also works for the twister one too. make a loop with your toung then look up and blow slowly out of your toung

  13. Shisha Pipe says:

    Good tricks for smokers. We all know smoking’s not good for you but this is a neat article!

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